Transportation and Logistics

Delivering high-quality service that’s fueled by commitment

The demand for transportation services is highly dependent on the state of our economy. In an industry where many variables impact the success of your business including fuel pricing, collection of customer payments, stringent safety and environmental regulations and labor shortages, it’s important to have a reliable financial partner that can help your business chart a course to profitability and growth.

You make an impact in communities locally and nationally every day, keeping your business in motion. As a community bank, we have the transportation & logistics experts, and the tools and resources that can get your business past the roadblocks.

Working Capital and Financing

Acquire funding for capital improvements, or investments in property, buildings, fleet upgrades and information systems or technology

Retirement Plan Services

Evaluate your company programs and offerings to help reduce employee turnover

Treasury Management and Payment Solutions

Optimize and streamline your payables and receivables strategies, and mitigate your cash management challenges

Our Commercial Banking Team is ready to help your business grow.

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