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As you maintain focus on the logistics of your day-to-day business operations, we’ll provide the end-to-end financial strategies and solutions to get you from one point to the next.


We understand the demand for transportation services is highly dependent on the state of our economy. In an industry where many variables impact your business’ success such as fuel pricing, collection of customer payments, stringent safety and environmental regulations, and much more, it’s important to have a reliable financial partner that can help your business stay on route to profitability and growth.


Like you, our mission as a community bank is delivering best-in-class customer service. You make an impact in your local community every day your business in motion. As a community bank, we have the local team of transportation experts, and the tools and resources that can get your business past the roadblocks.

  • Acquire funding for capital improvements, or investments in property, buildings, fleet upgrades, and information systems or technology with Working Capital and Financing
  • Improve your cash flow and add a recurring revenue stream with Payment Solutions
  • Optimize and streamline your payables and receivables strategies, and mitigate your cash management challenges with Treasury Management solutions
  • Evaluate your company programs and offerings to help reduce employee turnover with Retirement Plan Services


Products offered through Heartland Retirement Plan Services are not FDIC Insured, are not bank guaranteed and may lose value.

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