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Learn about the importance of understanding your financial situation and the steps you can take to lead to financial empowerment.

Financial Empowerment for Women

12:00 - 1:00 PM CT

Join us for an engaging and informative webinar to learn more about the importance of understanding your financial situation!

How would your life be different if you truly understood your financial situation? Would you have less financial stress? Increased clarity about your financial future? A renewed sense of belief in yourself? We need to change the narrative about becoming financially successful women. Would you rather be the damsel in distress or someone who is self-assured and confident in their money decisions? It’s time for us to level up and claim our seat at the table. You will leave this presentation with three tangible steps you can take immediately that will leave you feeling financially empowered and inspired!

Jayne Ellegard, Founder and Coach at Ellegant Wealth will discuss:

  • Key insights for understanding your financial situation
  • 3 steps you can take to feel financially empowered

About the Presenter:

Jayne Ellegard Jayne Ellegard is the Founder and Coach of Ellegant Wealth and author of Financial Empowerment for Women: Your Guide to Courage, Confidence & Wisdom! Jayne left the corporate world after 34 years in investments and wealth management with the goal of making a difference in as many women’s financial lives as possible. Her “Six Pillars to Financial Empowerment” offers women a unique, creative and fun, yes fun, way to inspire financial confidence. She equips women with the clarity and motivation to take action, change their financial reality and achieve their goals. Jayne is redefining wealth education in a way that works for women!

Financial Empowerment for Women


By attending this event, you will also receive a copy of Jayne Ellegard’s new book: Financial Empowerment for Women: Your Guide to Courage, Confidence & Wisdom!

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