Improve efficiency and maximize your earning power.

Timely collections and deposits are critical to a healthy cash flow for a business. At Minnesota Bank & Trust, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to help you manage cash flows and streamline your day-to-day cash management needs. Our treasury management services are designed to increase the productivity of your business by reducing the time your staff spends processing payments, managing cash balances, and retrieving account information.

Online Banking

InBusiness® online banking is an integrated treasury management system that provides convenient, 24/7 access to your accounts from a computer at your office or home, or wherever you choose to manage your business. With InBusiness, you can originate electronic transactions for ACH and wires, process internal transfers, place stop payments, set up balance alerts, view check images and monthly statements, reconcile account balances, monitor account balances and daily transactions – all within a secure, real-time environment.

Remote Deposit Capture with eDeposit®

Enjoy the ease and safety of depositing checks without leaving the office by using eDeposit® from Minnesota Bank & Trust. By providing eDeposit and a desktop scanner that will accommodate the volume of checks deposited on a daily basis, you will benefit from a later deposit deadline, increased funds availability, reporting, and improved staff productivity.

Positive Pay

Eliminate or reduce check fraud by providing electronic files of check numbers and amounts to Minnesota Bank & Trust. We'll match this data with each item presented for payment. At your discretion, exception items are either paid or returned.

ACH Processing

Our password-protected FTP site offers a highly secure means of transmitting ACH transactions into the NACHA network. The ACH network is a cost-effective way of moving funds between financial institutions electronically within the United States. ACH is the most commonly used method to credit your employee accounts for payroll or to debit customer accounts for payments. The ACH Network quickly and securely moves transactions and financial information electronically between banks, businesses and consumers within one business day.

ACH Alert

The only service of its kind, offers businesses complete control over unauthorized ACH debits. Unlike traditional ACH filters, which are cumbersome to maintain and offer limited flexibility, ACH Alert offers businesses the ability to set their own notification parameters, establish lists of trusted trading partners, and communicate pay/return decisions on unauthorized ACH items.

ACH Fraud Filters and Blocks

Protect yourself from fraudulent ACH transactions by blocking all transactions, credits and debits, or establish limited number of specific pre-authorized ACH transactions. For more sophisticated ACH fraud protection, consider ACH Alert.

Trusteer Rapport

Your security is our top priority. We have partnered with Trusteer, a leading export in financial security, to offer Trusteer Rapport online fraud protection software, customized to protect users of Minnesota Bank & Trust InBusiness Online Banking.

Wire Transfer

Speed, security, accuracy, and same-day settlement are all provided by our Wire Transfer Service, including incoming and outgoing U.S. and foreign wire transfers. Users can initiate wires online or are provided a designated confidential PIN to ensure that only authorized funds are wired. Automated notifications of incoming wires let you know that funds have become available.

Online Bill Payment

Paying your bills has never been easier or more convenient. Now you can do it all with the click of a mouse with the same login ID and Password you use for Online Banking. You decide to pay, when to pay and we take care of the rest. Your payments can be made from your business checking account.