Pay a Person

IOU's are a thing of the past when you have Pay a Person!

With Pay a Person, you can send money to family and friends through Online or Mobile Banking. Available to all our consumer checking account customers, this payment option allows you to simply select your debit card information and enter the recipient's email address or phone number to initiate a payment directly to their debit card or account.

This feature is located under Transactions in Online or Mobile Banking and allows you to send money easily and effortlessly once you link and verify your debit card.


Say goodbye to the hassle of checks, cash or IOU's, because you can transfer money anytime, anywhere in moments! Whether from the comfort of your couch or while waiting in line, Pay a Person is available for when you need it most.


Your security is important to us. In addition to the multi-level security measures to access your accounts, Pay a Person requires you verify your debit card information when enrolling, as well as your debit card PIN prior to every transaction to minimize fraudulent activity.

Note: The Pay a Person feature should only be used to send funds to people you know, such as friends or family. This feature is not intended for online payments, or for payment of products or services you have not yet received.

Easy to Use

All you need is access to Online or Mobile Banking with your linked debit card, the trusted recipient’s information and the amount you wish to send. Splitting the bill or repaying your friend is just a few clicks away!

Access Pay a Person
through Online Banking

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Let's Get You Started

Online Banking Menu

Step One:

Log in to Online or Mobile Banking.

Online Banking Menu

Step Two:

Click Pay a Person, located under Transactions on the Online Banking's left navigation menu.

Verify Debit Card Screen

Step Three:

Click Send Money, accept the Terms and Conditions, and then verify your Debit Card information.