Heartland Retirement Plan Services offers customized, all-inclusive retirement plan solutions.

We work to create efficient, affordable plans that benefit employees while supporting and advancing business and personal goals. Our team works with your company on a consultative basis, building your plan from the ground up, and taking on a wide range of complex plan activities.

A willingness to assume discretionary trustee responsibility

Many of our clients ask us to assume a certain portion of the fiduciary responsibilities and liabilities associated with plan sponsorship. With our Heartland Elite service, we assume the role of discretionary trustee and lower your fiduciary risk. For employers who are confident of their ability to choose and monitor investments, we offer the Heartland Select service where we are named as a directed trustee.

An open menu of more than 21,000 non-proprietary mutual funds

We sift through the large universe of mutual funds before selecting those that meet our standards for performance, third-party rankings, expense ratios, and fees. The result is a solid line-up of noteworthy funds that supports the long-term needs of your employees. True to an “open architecture” selection approach, we do not own any funds and we have no allegiances with any of the fund families that we utilize.

Comprehensive service and support

Our qualified staff members stand ready to meet the needs of you and your employees. We do not use outsourced voice response systems or call centers. We provide a complete package of design, administration, compliance, and education services – all focused on specific client needs.

Customized plan design

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not have a standard, one-plan-fits-all design. We work with you to develop specific plan provisions and investments, customized to meet employer and participant needs.

Strategic participant education

Based on relevant adult education strategies, our employee-friendly education programs help participants develop a retirement income goal tied to their individual goals and objectives. Our annual education strategy sessions allow you to craft a plan focused on individualized analytics and results-oriented accountability based on your team’s needs. SmartPlan, our interactive retirement calculator, is designed to assist participants towards retirement confidence.

Products offered through Heartland Retirement Plan Services are not FDIC-insured, are not bank-guaranteed, and may lose value.