Flexible and cost-effective, leasing has become a major source of financing in today’s competitive market.

Approximately 80% of all U.S. firms currently lease equipment, and leasing now accounts for one-third of externally financed equipment.

Companies large and small use leasing as a practical way to finance business operations while managing assets effectively and maximizing productivity and profits.

Conserves working capital and credit lines

Leasing provides an alternate source of credit that is specifically designed to accommodate equipment, furniture and vehicle acquisitions. Because leasing does not tie up large amounts of cash in equity, your working capital and bank lines remain available for future expenditures and investments.

Provides a flexible, comprehensive financing solution

While other financing options may demand large down payments, most leases only require an advance of one or two monthly payments. In addition, leasing often allows you to include “soft” costs related to the asset (such as software, training and installation) as part of the financing agreement.

Improves equipment management

Growing businesses often need to react quickly with new equipment acquisitions. Leasing offers the opportunity to pursue expansion without a large capital outlay. In addition, when you lease rather than buy an asset, you’ll have more flexibility to update equipment as it becomes obsolete.


Regular, fixed payments

Unlike a line of credit – which often features variable rates – lease payments are fixed. These fixed lease payments protect your cash flow against rising interest rates and lessen the impact of inflation.

Offers tax benefits

True lease payments are generally 100% tax deductible as an operational expense. As a result, leasing can help you reduce taxes, because the cost may come out of pre-tax dollars, rather than after-tax profits. (Consult your tax advisor regarding your specific situation.)

Highlights of our leasing program:

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  • Commercial & public financing
  • Equipment & furniture financing
  • Vehicle & aircraft financing
  • Project financing
  • Master lease programs
  • Vendor finance programs
  • Nationwide funding capabilities
  • Special payment programs

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